馃帀 Ultimate test automation for testing any application on any platform

May 26, 2022

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馃専 About the Project

馃摲 Screenshots

Boyka Config file config.png
API Sample api-schemas.png api.png
Web Sample page.png web.png

馃懢 Tech Stack

Boyka Framework boyka-core-tech-stack.png
Main project and Website boyka-main-tech-stack.png

馃幆 Features

  • Supports Rest API Automation
  • Supports Web Automation
  • Highly configurable
  • Zero boilerplate code for your projects
  • Supports Rest API schema validation testing
  • Supports execution on Cloud platforms like BrowserStack, LambdaTest, etc.
  • Supports Parallel execution
  • Has in-built logging for all the events
  • Has in-built Assertion methods

馃憖 Usage

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馃Л Roadmap

See our Roadmap project for more details.

馃憢 Contributing


Contributions are always welcome!

See for ways to get started.

馃摐 Code of Conduct

Please read the Code of Conduct

鈿狅笍 License

Distributed under MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

馃 Contact

馃拵 Acknowledgements

Big thanks to the following organisations for their support to the project with their open source licenses:


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